August 30th, 2008 ~ Melancholy created out of listlessness

So far the three day weekend has gotten off to a drag. Obviously, since I’m on the computer and it’s a weekend.

Andy had a long day at work and fell asleep in front of the TV watching Phantom of the Opera with Jasbaz. After it finished, he was conked out on the couch, so I put in Meerkat Manor to watch for a bit. After putting Jasbaz to bed, I just left it on. I don’t really know why. Just did.

It clicked off a few minutes ago, so I’ll have to get up and turn it off. Save some electricity anyway.

Otherwise, the only thing of note to happen today was that I set up a blog to write in spanish and that I got a bit of laundry done. Mreh.

Tomorrow, we are going to the park or someplace. Definitely OUT of this house. I love it and all, but after spending an entire day in the house, I’m quite ready to venture out. Boring day. Bleh.

I got to thinking about things and realized that out of all our friends locally that have children, we are the only couple still together. And that is sad. The world grows up too fast and the children suffer. Not that I have regrets or anything, but it makes me realize how hard we have to work to avoid becoming another statistic. A common stereotype. A disgrace.

But then again, I probably don’t need to worry about that when we are as goofy as we are:

Reject Christmas Card Pictures


Reject Christmas Card Pictures

Don’t worry, dear, we’ll make it. Because at the end of it all and the beginning, you are there. And you soothe my crazy worries, brush off statistics, and make the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile. Especially the way you are laid out on the sofa snoring away and at peace while I’m letting my mind wander away with me.


Time for bed, I think. I need some cuddles.

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