la caotica / aspire
  • to long, aim, or seek ambitiously
  • to rise up; soar; mount; tower
11 items crossed off since 08/14/2008!

Dressing up the Gingerbread house
  • Plant 2 'Burning Bush's along back fence
  • Install insulation in attic
  • Paint office blue
  • Plant a lilac tree in backyard
  • Repaint basement - 2 rooms
  • Reseal basement window to protect against leakage
  • Help organize Andy's office
  • Get rid of huge broken big screen TV

Geekie Goodness
  • Create a Flash presentation featuring my photography
  • Back up current photos on CDs
  • Print out CD preview covers for backups
  • Install Microsoft Office or Open Office

Money, Money, Money, Money... MONEY
  • Pay off Best Buy debt - 60%
  • Create Roth IRA
  • Fix Prixy's Transmission ~ $1000
  • Fund updating plumbing project ~ $1000
  • Fund downstairs bathroom project ~ $1300
  • Pay off mortgage
  • Create new spreadsheet for 2009

Viva la caotica
  • Learn to speak common Italian phrases
  • Relearn to speak Spanish, fluently
  • Go on a run with Kayla eight times in a month
  • Go out dancing at a club
  • Go line dancing again and persuade Andy to dance with me
  • Organize girls night out
  • Organize toddler party
  • Visit that little cafe and enjoy a scone with a glass of something fruity and fun
  • Practice yogalates three times in a week
  • Set up sewing machine
  • Cut out fabric to make a dress
  • Sew the danged dress
  • Put dress on La Jaz and take picture evidence
  • Wrap ribbons around plumbing in basement

Shopping List
  • Rug for bathroom
  • Dog Igloo Flap
  • Table for Office
  • Bobby Brown's Face Book
  • Fabric for making little dresses
  • New TV
  • Charcoal Grill
  • PHP For Dummies
  • Macromedia Flash MX For Dummies
  • New Kodak rechargable batteries for CX7530
  • Mirror for basement bedroom
  • Chairs (4) for basement rooms
  • Shoes for Jasbaz, Erin, and Andy