la caotica / biographies

"the lady of the land, la domina of this subdomain, the hoarder of quarters..."

She's in her twenties and currently attempts to keep a rather neat house, work a full time job, raise a crazy kidlet, go to school part time, and somehow maintain her sanity. It doesn't always work. Clearly. She's writing in third person!

In my free time, I take pictures, read books, play with Jasbaz, sit atop our finances like a grim gargoyle, and abuse commas like a madwoman. I like to make lists and pretend that I stick to them.


"the kidlet that keeps on kicking, the mouse of the house, the fruit of my loins..."

A toddler at heart, with bright sparkling blue eyes and a mane of gold, you cannot miss this child. Especially when she's charging in your direction with her pearly whites breaking out of her grimace while chuckles of laughter dribble out of her throat.

She keeps Andy and I quite busy trying to instill in her manners, grace and charm. It's... quite a challenge. To say the least.

Curious about her entry to earth?

"the man of the hour, the man with the power, the handy andy who is responsible for killing insects and fighting crime..."

A man not often mentioned in my notes here, but he is a huge part of our family. Why? Because he cooks, he cleans, he smiles, he kisses, he wipes baby butts, he takes out the trash, he organizes parties, he makes us laugh, and he occasionally proves that I have more common sense than he does. I love when that happens.

He is something special, a free spirit with dreams and ambitions. And he makes a mean tatertot casserole.


"the crazy canine, the blond bombshell, the rascally pirate, the escape artist..."

Officially, she is Jasbaz's dog and rightfully so. They are birds of a feather with all their enthusiasm and vivacity. Both like to escape cages, make messes, and cause Andy and myself to tear out our hair.

We rescued her from a bad situation when she was just a pup and she's been with us ever since. She has a cataract that she had when we got her, but it doesn't dibiliate her at all. You guys should see her play fetch. She could go to the Olympics.

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